Meditations on God

In the first meditation of the book I present my thoughts about Christianity, the Bible, and the existence of God.

As I describe in the book, my spiritual journey took me from Roman Catholicism, to agnosticism, to Hinduism and Buddhism-lite, to Transcendental Meditation, to ethnobotany, to fundamentalist, evangelical Christianity, to atheism, and finally to “Enlightened Realism”; the term I use to describe my current set of spiritual beliefs.

By far the most intense part of my journey was my apostasy from fundamentalist Christianity. Basically, the reason I apostatized was that, after considerable study, questioning and prayer, I came to the realization that I could no longer believe the Bible.  That is, I could no longer accept that it was the inerrant word of an infallible God.  This revelation came about primarily because of the rather large number of failed prophecies regarding the imminent second coming of Jesus.

I elaborate on this topic, and I discuss other reasons why I eventually came to the conclusion that Christianity is NOT the Truth.