Evolving Towards the Truth - a Guide for Searchers, by Jeff KosmoskiEvolving Towards the Truth is a guide for searchers.
Searchers of spiritual Truth.

We live in interesting, spiritually-challenging times.
In the last century, man’s scientific knowledge – about his brain, his body and his universe – has exploded.
However, in stark contrast, his confidence in his spiritual knowledge has imploded.
The more certain we’ve become about scientific concepts, the less certain we’ve become about spiritual concepts.

Is there a God?
Do we have souls that survive death?
Did we evolve, or were we created?
What is consciousness? And how does it arise from a physical brain?
Do our lives have purpose?
What is the Truth?

Evolving Towards the Truth contends that at the end of the day, there can only be one Truth.
Spiritual “truth” that is oblivious to science is not the Truth.
Scientific “truth” that doesn’t speak to our spiritual yearnings is not the Truth.
Scientific and spiritual truth should be compatible ; not contradictory.

As a guide for searchers, Evolving Towards the Truth leads the reader to just this type of Truth.

The book consists of meditations on the following three topics :

     * God and the Bible
     * The soul, the self and consciousness
     * Enlightenment

The first meditation summarizes the major steps in my spiritual journey; particularly as I went from Roman Catholicism, to agnosticism, to exploring Eastern religions, to fundamentalist, evangelical Christianity, to atheism, and finally, to Enlightened Realism; the term I used to describe my current set of beliefs.

The second meditation traces the steps of my inquiry into the mystery of the soul, the mind, or the self.  Eventually, my inquiry led to the age-old philosophic problem of dualism; i.e., how the metaphysical mind arises from the neuro-physical brain.  Following in the footsteps of Rene Descartes and David Hume, as well as considering the many developments that have occurred since their times, I offer a compelling, accessible solution to this perplexing mystery of dualism – or as it’s referred to today, the hard problem of consciousness.

Following on the ideas presented in the first two meditations, the third meditation looks at the tenets of Enlightened Realism.  That is, given that there’s far more evidence and justification today for accepting a natural genesis and a natural explanation for consciousness, what should an enlightened searcher of spiritual Truth believe in these modern times?


One part theology, one part philosophy, and two parts science, Evolving Towards the Truth promises to provide fresh, new thinking on today’s key spiritual topics as well as helpful, mind-expanding guidance.
Guidance for searchers who are interested in evolving.
Evolving towards the Truth.